Zodiac Killer Identified: Harden’s Direct Connection to Slaves in the Afterlife


Why didn’t Zodiac ever mention Harden? Especially after Harden said he was unintelligent. That’s because Zodiac didn’t want to draw suspicion upon himself.


  1. Have you seen the Tim Holt ME western comic book cover issue #30, with the wheel of doom ? It appears he liked reading both comic books and detective stories. The camel friction tape symbol was interesting. How did you come across that ? I am new to the details of this case, but trying to catch up.

    • J W, yes I have seen that comic book and he apparently was into them. At Lake Berryessa, 3 girls said that the guy who was watching them sunbath was smoking cigarettes. Those cigarettes were Camel brand. I looked into the friction tape and the Camel friction tape was the first image I seen. I then noticed that the package had the crosshairs symbol on it. Thanks, Zep

  2. Going down the Vikings route, don’t forget the Domingos and Edwards killings in 63 right below the town of Solvang which is a town steeped in Danish and Viking namesakes and culture (street names of Odin, Valhalla etc) It also has an Alisal creek which is a district in Salinas. Also the ‘Around in the Snow’ upside down comment on the Pines card may refer to the circular streets in Tahoe near the South Tahoe High school which feature a ‘D’ and ‘B’ street connecting to Viking rd and turning into ’13th’ street. The school’s mascot was also the ‘Vikings’ Cheers Travis

  3. People born under Pisces have a tendency towards addiction. Therefore, they often commit extraordinary crimes and murders.Beware of the fish which swims in two directions! They might be concealing a hidden dark side. Pisces are most likely to be involved in crimes which hurt themselves — i.e. drug abuse. But the hot tempered Pisces can also become very dangerous if they happen to be crazy! Serial killers are often Pisceans.The police shall never catch me because I’m a fish!

  4. my first impression of Tom voigt (in one of his videos) when I first started following this case years ago (at that time I knew nothing of him) was that he was a narcissistic prick. everything I have read on his website since then leads me to believe I could now prove this in a court of law

    • Harden said that Zodiac had low intelligence because he was making himself look smarter than the cops and FBI for solving something that they couldn’t . That’s the ego that Harden had, just as when Harden said Zodiac had an ego.

  5. I was watching a documentary and one of the survivors the guy from july4 attack said the girl with him said the guy that pulled up to them was someone named Richard and he was just jealous. That seems to point to gaikowski to me straight from a survivors mouth