Zodiac killer phone call



  1. From History’s other scant trailer, they finally got wise, perhaps very well by reading my fact-based Zodiac novel, which is the first book to directly suggest linking the cabbie Paul Stine killing and the Donna Lass murder and San Francisco’s Presidio to the Zodiac as the best way of tracking him down! If you don’t believe me, check out my novel’s chapter EIGHT, titled, “A Lovely Lass Named Donna.” In that trailer, searchers are rooting around in the “pines” of Nevada where Donna Lass reputedly disappeared…but just read MY book…I was already there FIRST…and that was FIVE YEARS AGO!!!! They ripped it off from me if anyone…see for yourself…here…https://www.amazon.com/San…/dp/0943283337/ref=sr_1_9…